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Reporting in Purchasing MM


Those with ultimate responsibility for purchasing operations within an enterprise frequently need to obtain an overview of their vendors and purchasing organizations. Among other things, they have to know:

  • Which purchase orders were issued to a certain vendor during a given period
  • For how many purchase orders goods have already been received
  • Whether a vendor delivered ordered materials in full or only in part
  • Which vendors did or did not adhere to their delivery dates
  • Whether goods received from vendors conform to requirements and invoices submitted are correct
  • The average value of purchase orders issued by a given purchasing organization or purchasing group

The reports and analyses available in the SAP System provide this overview in a fast and straightforward manner, allowing senior executives to react appropriately to given situations.

Your system administrator is responsible for setting up reporting and analysis parameters. Contact this person if you need other settings.


You run reports by clicking on the purchasing document that interests you (e.g. purchase order or RFQ) in the Purchasing menu. Choose Purchase order ® List displays to obtain a choice of reports listing POs as follows:

  • By vendor
  • By material
  • By material group
  • By tracking number
  • By PO number

The selection options are based on the relevant purchasing document. That means that the list can vary to some extent from document to document.

The more information the list contains, the more time it will take to be processed. In extra wide lists, scroll using the horizontal scroll bar and enlarge your window.

Run and print out voluminous reports and analyses only in the background.

For more information on reporting see Getting Started with the R/3 System. There you will obtain details on:

  • How to find reports and analyses
  • The steps you must perform to print out lists

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