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Planned Delivery Costs in SAP MM


Planned delivery costs are delivery costs (incidental procurement costs) agreed with or stipulated by the vendor, a forwarder or carrier, or a customs office before the purchase order is placed, which are entered in the PO when the latter is created.

Planned delivery costs can be subdivided according to the following criteria:

  • Source of the costs
    • Freight charges
    • Duty
  • Calculation of costs
    • Fixed amount, independent of quantity
    • Quantity-dependent amount
    • Percentage of value of goods delivered

Planned freight and duty costs are linked to a vendor. If they are not to be invoiced by the vendor who receives the PO, a different vendor must be entered at the time the delivery costs are planned in the PO. (This so-called "freight vendor" may be a forwarder/carrier or a customs office, for example.)

At the time of goods receipt, the vendor can be changed. In contrast, at the time of invoice receipt, only the "freight vendor" can invoice you in respect of the delivery costs.
Planned delivery costs are entered in the purchase order for each order item. Such costs can only be posted in an invoice if there has been a goods receipt for the relevant order item, that is to say, the delivery costs have actually been incurred.)


You can store planned delivery costs in the purchase order on the Item conditions screen.

To enter a different vendor (i.e. a "freight vendor" or a customs office), select the desired condition on the condition screen and choose Goto ® Details. Overwrite the content of the Vendor (creditor) field.

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