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Maintaining Conditions in SAP MM


You have the following options:

  • You maintain time-dependent conditions for info records, RFQs, scheduling agreements, and contracts directly in the info record or purchasing document.
  • You can also enter document conditions for contracts and info records via the master data menu. SAP recommends maintaining such conditions via the relevant document.
  • Time-dependent general conditions are always maintained via the master data menu.
  • Time-independent conditions are always maintained directly within the relevant document.
  • In addition, you can do the following via the master data menu

- Define the market price for a material

The Vendor Evaluation component uses this figure to compute a vendor’s price level.

- Maintain condition records for condition types you have created yourself

- Change the prices in info records, contracts, or scheduling agreements on a collective basis

How conditions are maintained depends on whether they are time-dependent or time-independent.

The following table shows which conditions can be maintained for which documents.

Time-dependent conditions

Time-independent conditions

Info record




Depends on document type

Depends on document type

Scheduling agreement

Depends on document type

Depends on document type




Purchase order



You can specify both time-dependent and time-independent conditions at header and item level. The conditions in the info record are an exception: these are stored at info record level.

In the case of time-dependent conditions, you can additionally enter:

  • Supplementary conditions
  • Validity periods
  • Scales
  • Upper and lower limits

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