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Combination of Time-Phased Planning with Reorder Point Planning MRP

You also have the option of combining time-phased planning with reorder point planning. To do this, you enter the MRP type for time-phased planning in the material master record and you also define a reorder level. You can also use the forecast to calculate the reorder level automatically.

In this case, the material is not only planned on the MRP date recorded in the planning file, but it is also planned if stock falls below the reorder level due to a goods issue. When the stock level falls below the reorder level, the system automatically sets the net change planning indicator in the planning file which means that the material will be included in the next planning run.

During the extraordinary planning run, triggered by the stock levels falling below the reorder level the system carries out the requirements calculation as follows: it calculates the interval that starts from the moment that stocks fall below the reorder level to the availability date of the next regular MRP date and uses this for the requirements calculation. The ordered quantity must cover this interval. At the following MRP date, the material is planned as usual.

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