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Maintaining MRP Forecast Parameters

You maintain forecast parameters in the material master record. In order to do this, proceed as is described below:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the material master record, select Material
  2. ® Create general.
  3. Enter the material type, allocate it to an industry sector and press
  4. ENTER.

    The pop-up window Select View(s) appears on your screen.

  5. Select the Forecasting view and press
  6. ENTER.

    The Organizational Levels/Profiles pop-up window now appears.

  7. Because material requirements are forecast at plant level, you must enter the appropriate plant
  8. Press
  9. ENTER.

    The "Forecasting" data screen now appears.

  10. Fill in the data screen and save your entries via Material
  11. ® Save.

A more detailed description is given of the individual forecast parameters in the follwoing sections:

Forecast Parameters: Independent of the Forecast Model

Forecast Parameters: Dependent on the Forecast Model

For more information on maintaining the material master record, please refer to MM Managing Material Master Data.

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