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Creating Planning Calendars: with Calculation Rule MRP

To create a planning calendar with a calculation rule, proceed as follows:

  1. Starting from the Material Requirements Planning menu, select Masterdata
  2. ® Planning calendar ® Create periods.

    The initial screen for maintaining the planning calendar now appears.

  3. Enter the plant for which the planning calendar is to apply.
  4. Enter a three-digit combination of numbers or letters for identifying the calendar.
  5. This entry is alphanumeric.

  6. Press
  7. ENTER.

    The maintenance screen of the planning calendar now appears.

  8. Enter a short description of the planning calendar.
  9. Enter the minimum period in the Minimum period field.
  10. The minimum period is used as a checking limit for maintaining calendars that are no longer valid. By defining the minimum period, you define a period that you can use to process a calendar that is no longer valid. As soon as this checking limit has been exceeded, the calendar is proposed automatically by the system for processing (please refer to Maintaining Calendars that are no Longer Valid). Therefore, you should make sure that the minimum period is long enough so that the planning calendar is proposed on time. You define the validity period of the planning calendar after you have specified the calculation rule.

  11. Specify how the system should proceed if the period start happens to fall on a day that is not defined as a workday in the factory calendar.
  12. – If you want the system to select the preceding workday, select Previous workday.

    – If you want the system to select the the following workday, select Following workday.

  13. Press
  14. ENTER.

    The pop-up window "Select Calculation Rule" now appears. The calculation rule determines the calculation of the periods for the planning calendar.

  15. Select the calculation rule you require.
  16. You can choose between the following calculation rules:

    – Weeks (week days)

    The period is one week. One period stretches from a certain day of the week to another day of the week which you must specify.

    – Months (week days)

    The period is one month. You define the period start or the period end by entering a weekday and how often it is to be repeated (for example, every second Wednesday).

    – Months (workdays)

    The period is one month. You can specify the workday/workdays of the planning calendar according to the workdays defined in the factory calendar.

    – Year (workdays)

    The period is one year. You can specify the workday/workdays of the planning calendar according to the workdays defined in the factory calendar.

    – Workdays

    For this calculation rule, you enter the start date and then the periodicity.

    – Week days

    The calculation rule is specified by defining the week period and also the day of the week (for example, every second Wednesday).

  17. Press
  18. Continue.

    In the screen area "Calculation rule for period specification", the the system asks you to specify the parameters of the corresponding calculation rule.

  19. Enter the start date for the period calculation in the field Calculation start date .
  20. Enter the appropriate periodicity.
  21. Press
  22. ENTER or select, Edit ® Calculate periods.

    The pop-up window "New Dates" now appears.

  23. The start date that you entered in the previous screen is displayed in the field Valid from (it may possibly have been shifted to a valid workday). You can change the date here, if necessary.
  24. In the Valid to field, the time period that results from the minimum period, is displayed. Here, you enter the date up until which the system is to calculate the periods.

  25. Press
  26. Continue.

You then receive the display of the calculated periods.

The number of the displayed periods is used in the stock/requirements list when you display this list using period totals and if the display is set according to a planning calendar.

If you do not want to carry out any further changes, save your entries.

If you want to change or delete certain periods, please refer to Changing Planning Calendars.

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