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Protecting Periods Against Automatic Changes IN MRP PPC PLANNING

You can protect one or more periods against automatic changes by using the fixing indicator. Fixed periods are not changed if you instruct the system to automatically calculate new periods. Proceed as follows:

  1. Starting from the Material Requirements Planning menu screen, select, Master data
  2. ® Planning calendar ® Change periods.

    The initial screen for maintaining the planning calendar now appears.

  3. Enter the plant for which the planning calendar is to be valid.
  4. Enter the appropriate planning calendar, or select,
  5. Calendar overview and choose one or more planning calendars.
  6. The screen used for maintaining the planning calendar now appears.
  7. Select
  8. Periods.

    The period display for the planning calendar now appears.

  9. Select the fixing indicator for the period(s) to be protected.
  10. Save your entries.

If you selected several calendars in the overview, the system now automatically displays the next planning calendar that you selected.

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