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MRP PPC Planning Calendar

You use the PPC planning calendar to specify flexible period lengths for master planning and material requirements planning.

On the one hand, you can use it to define flexible splitting periods for demand management. This means that the total planned independent requirements quantity for a certain period (for example, for one year) can be divided up according to the period defaults in the planning calendar.

On the other hand, flexible periods can be specified for a period lot-sizing procedure for master production scheduling and material requirements planning. The system groups together the order proposals, created in the period defined in the planning calendar into one lot. You allocate this special lot-sizing procedure to the material in the material master record together with the planning calendar.

You can also use the periods in the planning calendar for the period totals display in the stock/requirements list. If a planning calendar is valid for a particular material or if a planning calendar is entered at plant level in Customizing, the receipts and issues can also be displayed in the period totals display according to the planning calendar.

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