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Maintaining MRP Parameters

Before you can carry out material requirements planning for a material, you must first of all maintain the parameters in the material master record which the system requires in order to carry out this task. This is done as described below:

  1. Starting from the menu screen of the material master, select Material
  2. ® Create general.
  3. Enter the material type, allocate it to an industry sector and press
  4. ENTER.

    The pop-up window for Select View(s) appears on your screen.

  5. Select views MRP 1 and MRP 2 and MRP 3 and then press
  6. ENTER.

    The pop-up window for the Organizational Levels/Profiles now appears.

  7. Because material requirements are planned at plant level, you must enter the appropriate plant. You only have to enter the storage location, however, if you want to carry out storage location MRP. In so doing, the entered storage location is treated as an independent unit during planning (see
  8. Storage Location MRP).
  9. Press
  10. ENTER.

    The MRP 1 data screen now appears.

  11. Once you have filled in the required entries and pressed
  12. ENTER again, the MRP 2 data screen appears.
  13. Fill in the required entries in this screen as well, and then press
  14. ENTER.

    The MRP 3 data screen now appears.

  15. Fill in the required entries in this screen and then save your entries by selecting Material
  16. ® Save

In the following section, a detailed description is given of all the MRP parameters that are available. For a more detailed description of the maintenance options in the material master record, please refer to the document MM Managing Material Master Data.

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