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MRP Parameters for Scheduling

In scheduling, the system determines the basic dates for all the order proposals that it created during material requirements planning. To be able to plan these order proposals exactly, the following parameters are important when you are maintaining the material master record:

Scheduling margin key

The scheduling margin key is used to allocate floats to the material for calcualating basic dates and for carrying out lead time scheduling for the planned order - for materials that are produced in-house. The float is the opening period for determining basic dates and the float before production and the float after production for lead time scheduling. You maintain the floats in Customizing and they are calculated in workdays.

Planned delivery time

The planned delivery time determines the time required to obtain a material by means of external procurement. You must only enter the planned delivery time if the material is externally procured.

In-house production time

The in-house production time determines the length of time required to produce an assembly or a finished product. The in-house production time is independent of the order quantity. You must only enter this indicator if the material in question is to be produced in-house.

Goods receipt processing time

The goods receipt processing time specifies the time required to inspect the material and to transfer it to stock. It represents the time span (in workdays) between the receipt of the goods and the inward stock movement. The system also takes goods receipt processing time into account during scheduling.

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