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Parameters for Storage Location MRP

If you want the system to treat certain storage locations as independent units during a planning run, then you must specify this in the material master record for the storage locations in question. To do this, you must enter the storage location in question in the Organizational Levels/Profiles pop-up window and then you must enter the following parameters in the MRP 3 data screen:

MRP indicator

By determining the MRP indicator, you are instructing the system how to treat the storage location during requirements planning. You can exclude the storage location from MRP or it can be replenished with goods from the plant warehouse.

Reorder level and replenishment quantity

You only have to maintain these fields if storage location stock is to be replenished by plant stock. If storage location stock is less than the reorder level which you determined then the system will create a stock transfer reservation from plant stock to storage location stock for the replenishment quantity which you specified.

The fields which can be seen in the MRP 2 or MRP 3 data screen under the section heading Requirements explosion or Consumption are only relevant for MRP with BOM explosion.

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