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Assigning Requisitions to Sources SAP MM Optimized Purchasing

This section describes how to search for sources of a requested material and how to assign the requisition to the desired source.

There are various methods of assigning requisitions to sources:

  • Individually (online)

You assign an individual purchase requisition to a source.
You do this when creating or changing a purchase requisition.

  • Collectively (online)

Here you assign the source(s) to all requisitions on a list.

You do this during the processing of requisitions

  • In the background

You can have the source determination and assignment processes carried out in the background. To do so, you must run report RM06BZ10.

You can then process the requisitions with assigned sources in the system.

Individual Assignment of Requisitions


To permit a source to be determined for a certain material (or material group, if no material master record exists), an outline purchase agreement or an info record must have previously been created in the system.


  1. While changing or creating a purchase requisition, branch to the item overview screen of the requisition.
  2. Select the requisition item(s) that has/have to be assigned to a source.
  3. Choose Edit
  4. ® Assign supply source.

The system determines the possible sources of the item.

  1. If there are several possible sources, these are listed in a dialog box.
  2. If you are using the Vendor Evaluation component, you can display the results of the vendor evaluation process. The system then generates a ranking list of the vendors displayed, in relation to the material or material group.

  3. You can adopt the source you wish to assign to the requisition item via Choose. If you do not wish to choose any of the sources offered, close the box with Cancel.

Collective Assignment of Requisitions


This procedure allows you to save time by assigning a number of requisitions to sources all at the same time.

You can choose one of two options:

  • If you only wish to assign requisitions, choose Requisition
  • ® Follow-on functions ® Assign. You will then get your worklist in the form of a basic list.
  • If you wish to assign and process requisitions in a single step, choose Requisition
  • ® Follow-on functions ® Assign + process.

In this case, starting from the basic list of all requisitions to be processed, you can change individual requisitions directly, assign sources, and then generate purchase orders, delivery schedule lines under scheduling agreements, or RFQs.

Processing a Requisition from the Basic List

You have the following options:

  • You can display the results of the vendor evaluation for each purchase requisition (via Environment ® Vendor evaluation). You then obtain a ranking list of all vendors that can supply the material.
  • In addition to the functions you can call up via the buttons in the dialog box, the following functions are available by pressing the right-hand mouse button: Display info records, display vendor evaluation, or display release strategy.
  • You can re-sort the list by selecting the appropriate sort key (Edit
  • ® Sort).
    For example, if the requisitions are to be sorted chronologically by the date they were released for ordering purposes, choose Edit
    ® Sort ® Sort by release date.
  • Use the function Edit
  • ® Update worklist to update the basic list (your worklist) during processing. The requisitions that you have in the meantime assigned to sources and which you have saved then no longer appear in the list.
  • You can change the quantity to be delivered, the delivery date, or the procurement options for a selected item, for example. Choose Goto
  • ® Detailed data. A box appears, allowing you to change the relevant data. (You can only change delivery quantities and dates if you have chosen Assign + process.)
  • Choose Goto
  • ® Assignment overview to display an overview of the requisitions that have been assigned. The overview contains a list of the vendors to whom requisitions have been assigned and the number of requisitions assigned to each vendor. (For example: five requisitions have been assigned to contract no. 12).
  • If you have chosen Requisition ® Follow-on functions ® Assign + process, you can flag a requisition for RFQ processing. Select the requisition and choose Edit ® Flag for RFQ ® With vendor or Without vendor. You can generate an RFQ from a requisition that has been flagged for RFQ processing on the assignment overview screen.
  • If you have chosen Requisition ® Follow-on functions ® Assign + process and have assigned a source to the requisition, you can generate purchase orders and scheduling agreement schedule lines from the assignment overview screen.


In order to be able to select requisitions for processing using the mouse, you must set the Selection indicator in Customizing for Purchasing. (Reporting ® Maintain Purchase Requisition Lists under Default (SAP Transactions).


  1. Choose Requisition
  2. ® Follow-on functions ® Assign or Assign + process.

    The selection screen on which you enter the criteria for selecting the requisitions to be assigned appears.

  3. Enter the selection criteria for the requisitions to be assigned. For example, enter the purchasing group key to list all requisitions that have been assigned to your purchasing group for processing.
  4. If you wish to assign more than one requisition, you must first select the relevant ones. Via the Edit
  5. ® Select menu you can select all or a block of requisitions.
  6. You can assign sources manually or automatically.

Automatic assignment means that the system determines possible sources.

You can also enter the source of supply for a requisition directly, i.e. manually. For example, you can use this function to assign the requisition to a vendor from whom you have not previously ordered anything.

a. Choose Edit ® Source of supply ® Assign automatically to determine possible sources for the previously selected requisition(s).

The system determines the possible sources for each requested material on the list.

If more than one possible source exists for a requisition, a dialog box listing them appears.

Either click on Choose to pick out the desired source, or choose Cancel if none of the sources is suitable.

If you selected more than one requisition for assignment, the box for the next requisition with more than one possible source appears. Repeat the process until all requisitions have been assigned to sources.

b. Choose Edit ® Source of supply ® Assign manually if you wish to enter the source directly.

If any requisitions have already been assigned to a source, the system overwrites the old source with the new one.

Choose Edit ® Cancel assignment if you want to reinstate the original assignments of the requisitions.

  1. To confirm the assignment of selected items from within the basic list, choose Edit
  2. ® Change requisitions. The system issues a message confirming that the requisition(s) has/have been changed.

For further information on creating purchasing documents from requisitions refer to the section Creating POs, Delivery Schedule Lines, and RFQs from Requisitions.

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