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Distributed Contracts using SAP MM Outline Purchase Agreements With Vendors


In one particular SAP system you can create contracts that are to be made available to other independent SAP systems (that is, you can "distribute" contracts to these systems).

The central system (in which the contract is created) and the local systems (in which procurement is also carried out using this contract) are all separate, independent R/3 systems.
Identical data must therefore be kept in each system. In order for changes to be continuously reflected in all systems and for correct data to be available to participating systems at all times, data is exchanged via
Application Link Enabling (ALE).


Distributed contracts are distinguished from normal contracts by the agreement type. In order to be able to distribute contracts, you must set up identical purchasing organizations and purchasing groups in the central and local systems.

Further prerequisites are listed in the documentation CA - ALE-Business Process-Library under Distributed Contracts: Process Flow.

For information on setting up the distribution-specific data, please refer to the documentation CA - ALE-Business Process-Library, section Modeling the Distribution.

See also:

Working With Distributed Contracts.

Example: Working With Distributed Contracts.

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