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Maintaining the Source List SAP MM Optimized Purchasing


You can maintain source list records for individual sources of a material as follows:

Manual maintenance

Use this method if you have to make numerous changes to, or new entries in, the source list.

Maintenance from within an outline agreement

With this procedure, you can adopt an outline agreement item in the source list when creating or changing an outline agreement.

Maintenance from within an info record

With this procedure, you can enter a vendor in the source list when creating or changing a purchasing info record.

Automatic maintenance

You can have a source list for a material created automatically. The system creates a source list record for each info record that has been defined for the material or for each outline agreement item in which the material is specified.


Before you create a source list, you must consider the following points:

  • Material and plant: In each source list, you must enter the material number and the relevant plant key for each source.
  • Validity period: Consider for which period the source list is to be valid. You can define several validity periods.
  • Source list requirement for plant:
  • If a source list requirement has been defined for a plant, you must maintain the source list for each material in the plant before a material can be procured for the plant.

To determine whether a source list requirement exists for a plant, display the SAP Reference IMG:

- From the system menu, choose Tools ® Business Engineer ® Customizing ® Implementation projects ® Display SAP Reference IMG.

- You can define the Source list requirement at plant level in Customizing for Logistics under Materials management ® Purchasing ® Source list. Here you can see the plants for which a source list requirement exists.

  • Source list requirement for material: It may be necessary to include possible vendors of a material in the source list before the material can be ordered. The Source list requirement field in the purchasing data of the material master record indicates whether a source list requirement exists for a material.

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