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Carrying Out a Net Price Simulation using SAP MM Purchasing Info Records

The net price simulation enables you to compare prices and conditions as follows:

  • Prices of different vendors for a material and/or a material group
  • Prices of all materials supplied by a specific vendor

You can calculate the net prices of a material supplied by a number of different vendors based on any simulation quantity you care to specify.


Each info record you wish to include in the simulation must contain pricing information.


  1. Choose one of the following menu paths:
  2. – To compare the prices of a material supplied by different vendors, choose Master data ® Info record ® List displays ® By material.

    – To compare the prices of all materials supplied by one vendor, choose Master data ® Info record ® List displays ® By vendor.

  3. Enter your selection criteria.
  4. Choose Program
  5. ® Execute.

    The chosen info records are displayed. The list contains the net prices for all purchasing organizations and plants that are defined for the info record. In addition, the net price of the last purchase order and/or the last quotation are/is listed.

  6. Select the info records to be included in the price simulation.
  7. Start the price simulation by choosing Edit
  8. ® Price simulation. Then check the default values in the box that appears.
  9. Press
  10. ENTER.

The price simulation is displayed. The info record with the best price is marked in the resulting list with an arrow. If no price exists for an info record, a note is printed on the list.

Choose Goto ® Simulation list to view the results of the price simulation in detail.

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