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Creating Info Record for Material w. Master Record

  1. Choose Master data
  2. ® Info record ® Create.

The initial screen is displayed.

  1. Enter the following information on the initial screen:
  2. – Vendor number

    – Material number

    – Number of purchasing organization or plant

    Enter the number of the info record if external number assignment is used for info records. If you leave the corresponding field blank, the system assigns a number automatically.

  3. Press
  4. ENTER.

    The general data screen appears.

  5. Enter the general data (data on vendor, order unit, origin data, supply option).
  6. You can enter the customs tariff number without a certificate category.

  7. Press
  8. ENTER.

    The screen showing the purchasing organization data is displayed.

  9. Enter:
  10. – Vendor's planned delivery time (used for scheduling)

    – Responsible purchasing group

    – Standard PO quantity (used for price determination in conjunction with price scales)

    Check the control data. The tolerance data and the responsible purchasing group are taken as default values from the material master record.

  11. Enter the net price. You have two options:
  12. – You enter the net price per unit in the Net price field. This price includes the vendor's normal discounts or surcharges only - cash discounts for prompt payment, for example, are calculated separately.

    – You enter the gross price in the Net price field and then maintain the pricing conditions. (To do this, choose Extras ® Conditions.) The system automatically replaces the entered gross price with the calculated net price.
    (Refer to
    Maintaining Conditions.)

  13. Check the texts. Choose Goto
  14. ® Texts to display the text overview. You can enter the info memo or the PO text.

If the PO text is already defined in the material master record, it appears as a default value.

- If you change the PO text from the material master record, your new text is stored directly in the info record. The changed text is suggested as the info record PO text when a purchase order is created, and can be adopted in the new PO.

- If you store the text in the info record unchanged, subsequent changes made to the PO text in the material master record will not be included in purchase orders. To do this, select the PO text, then choose Edit ® Texts ® Adopt text.

  1. Save the info record.

Repeat steps 2 to 9 for all purchasing organizations and plants that are to be assigned to the info record.

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