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Determining the Agreed Cumulative Quantity


Differences may arise between the quantity the vendor claims he has delivered and the quantity you have received. This may occur with over- and underdeliveries (overages and underages), for example.

When differences occur, you contact the vendor and agree on a common figure. Then you enter this agreed quantity in the scheduling agreement.

If your and the vendor's recorded cumulative quantities differ by 20 pieces, you can reconcile the difference with effect from an agreed date. This agreed quantity is then used as the basis for all schedule lines for the relevant item after this date.

You also use this function to handle the changeover from one year to the next. Scheduling agreements are often valid for a period of several years. At the end of a fiscal year, the cumulative received and scheduled quantities are usually reset. The cumulative quantities should then restart at 0 (or any other agreed figure).

You can either:

  • Enter the agreed cumulative quantity manually on the Additional data screen of in the scheduling agreement item, or
  • Have it determined by the system as at a date specified by you. The system then inserts the figures into the items of the selected scheduling agreements.

You can also reset the figures again. Note that the system also resets the manually entered figures if the scheduling agreements satisfy the selection criteria.


Entering the Agreed Cumulative Quantity Manually

  1. Select the desired item in the item overview when changing a scheduling agreement.
  2. Enter the date of agreement in the Reconciliation date field on the Additional data screen. Then enter the agreed quantity in the Agreed cum. qty. field.

Automatic Determination of the Agreed Cumulative Quantity

  1. Choose Outline agreement ® Scheduling agreement ® Administer ® Set agreed cum. qty.
  2. Enter the selection criteria and choose Program ® Execute.

You get a list of all scheduling agreements to which the system has added the predetermined agreed cumulative quantity.

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