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Deleting Source List Records SAP MM Optimized Purchasing


A source list record can become inactive for the following reasons:

  • The validity period has expired.
  • The outline agreement item has been deleted.
  • The info record has been deleted.
  • The vendor master record has been deleted.

Deleting Source List Records for a Material/Plant

  1. Choose Master data
  2. ® Source list ® Maintain. The initial screen for the source list appears.
  3. Enter the material and plant number. Then press
  4. ENTER to display the overview screen.
  5. Select the source list record(s) to be deleted.
  6. Choose Edit
  7. ® Delete.
  8. Choose Yes in the dialog box to confirm the deletion.
  9. Save the source list.

Deleting Source List Records for Several Materials/Plants

  1. Choose Master data
  2. ® Source list ® Follow-on functions ® Delete.
  3. Specify which source list records are to be deleted.
  4. Run the program.

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