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Maintaining a Quota Arrangement SAP MM Optimized Purchasing


You establish the quota arrangement for a material over a certain period by entering quotas for the various sources of supply in a quota arrangement item.


Before creating a quota arrangement, you require the following information:

  • Number of the material or the plant to which the quota arrangement applies
  • (If you are maintaining a quota arrangement for a material with a manufacturer part number) MPN material. See:
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).
  • Procurement type of the material (that is, whether the material is manufactured in-house or procured externally)
  • Vendor number
  • Quota arrangement
  • validity period
  • Quota to be assigned to each source of supply
  • Special procurement type (defining, for example, whether a consignment arrangement exists with the source of supply)

Furthermore, you must define the applications in which the quota arrangement of the material is used (for example, in Materials Planning or in purchase requisitions). Check the Quota arrangement usage field in the purchasing or materials planning and control data of the material master record.

In connection with the quota arrangement, the splitting quota is only relevant to Materials Planning, not to Purchasing.
In Materials Planning, requirements can be split up among various vendors. This is not possible in Purchasing.


To set up a quota arrangement for the procurement of a material, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Master data
  2. ® Quota arrangement ® Maintain.
  3. Enter the material and plant number. Then press
  4. ENTER to display the overview screen for the quota arrangement periods.
  5. Enter a validity period for the quota arrangement.

Enter the date until which the quota arrangement is valid. The start date is calculated by the system.

Press ENTER .

  1. Select the quota arrangement and choose Goto
  2. ® Item overview to display the item overview screen of the quota arrangement.
  3. Enter a quota arrangement item for each source of supply you want to include in the quota arrangement. You must enter the following data.
  4. Procurement type

    A quota arrangement can provide for external procurement or in-house production. Enter f (the indicator for external procurement) in the P column.

    Special procurement type

    Enter k in the S column, for example, if a consignment arrangement for the material exists with the vendor.

    Vendor number

    Enter the number of the vendor from whom you want to procure, if the material is procured externally.

    Procurement plant (supplying plant):

    Enter the key of the procurement plant (supplying plant) in column PPl, if the procurement type provides for in-house production.


    In the Quota column, enter the quota assigned to each item. The quota determines which portion of a total requirement over a period should be procured from the source in question.

    For example, suppose a quota arrangement contains two sources of supply and you enter a quota of 1 for both. This means that each source is then allocated 50% of the total requirements for the material over the period in question.

  5. Press
  6. ENTER.

    The percentage distribution of the quotas is calculated and displayed automatically by the system.

  7. Save the quota arrangement.

The system assigns a number to the quota arrangement item automatically.

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