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Changing an Outline Agreement using SAP MM Outline Purchase Agreements With Vendors

  1. Choose Outline agreement
  2. ® ® Change.
  3. Enter the number of the outline agreement you wish to delete. Then press
  4. ENTER,
  5. Make your changes to the outline agreement.

– Adding an item: Choose Edit ® Enter lines.

– Changing items: If the desired changes are not possible on the item overview screen, select the relevant item and choose Item ® Details. You can then make your changes on the item detail screen.

– Deleting items: Select the item then choose Edit ® Delete.

  1. Save the agreement.

Displaying Changes to an Item

All changes to items are logged. The log shows:

· When the relevant data record was changed

· Who changed it

· What was changed

  1. Select the desired item in the item overview.
  2. Choose Item
  3. ® Statistics ® Changes.

A log of all changes made to the selected item is displayed.

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