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Sched. Agmt. Referencing Centrally Agreed Contract


This function enables you to combine the advantages of procuring materials on the basis of scheduling agreements with those of procurement by means of a centrally agreed contract.

Used in conjunction with your materials planning and inventory control system, scheduling agreements make it possible for you to procure required materials on a "Just-in-Time" basis. Two types of "scheduling agreement (SA) release" are available for this purpose: the "forecast (FRC) delivery schedule" and the "Just-in-Time (JIT) delivery schedule". The precise quantities and delivery dates set out in the SA releases directly reflect the requirement situation in the relevant plant.

As their name implies, centrally agreed contracts are negotiated centrally by a strategic purchasing organization (the reference purchasing organization) for the entire corporate group. This usually results in especially favorable conditions for the buying entity.

These conditions negotiated by the reference purchasing organization can be used by all other purchasing organizations through releases issued against the centrally agreed contract.


In order that you can use a scheduling agreement that references a centrally agreed contract, the following must apply:

  • The scheduling agreement must have time-dependent conditions.
  • The contract must be a centrally agreed contract.


To create a scheduling agreement with reference to a contract, choose Outline agreement ® Scheduling agreement ® Create ® Vendor known. Starting from the initial screen for scheduling agreements, choose Create with reference ® To contract.

A box appears, in which you can enter the number of the contract whose prices and conditions are to be used in the scheduling agreement.

The link between the two documents (contract and scheduling agreement) can be seen on the general statistics screen for the scheduling agreement item.

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