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Creating using SAP MM Purchasing Info Records


You can create a purchasing info record as follows:

  • Manually

You create an info record for a purchasing organization or for a plant.

  • Automatically

You set the Info update indicator when maintaining a quotation, a purchase order, or an outline agreement. Ordering data is recorded/updated automatically in an info record. (See Updating Info Records (InfoUpdate))


Before creating an info record, you need the following information:

Material number
For a material with a material master record, you need the number of the material master record.

For a material without a material master record, the following information is required:

  • Material short text (short description)
  • Order unit
  • Material group
  • Sort term (key), for finding the info record once it has been created

MPN material number
If you wish to order a material with a manufacturer part number (MPN), you need the MPN material number. For more on this topic, refer to
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)).

Vendor number
This is the number of the vendor master record.

Organizational level
If the info record applies to specific purchasing organizations and plants, you require the code of the relevant purchasing organization and plant.

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