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Creating a Buyer’s Negotiation Sheet

You can print out information about vendors and the materials they supply in a buyer's negotiation sheet.

The latter is a summary of important vendor and material data (taken from the purchasing info record), which buyers may need to print out and take with them for the purposes of contract negotiations. The buyer's negotiation sheet contains information such as:

  • Vendor’s current prices and conditions
  • Internal consumption/usage statistics on the material
  • Total value of POs issued to the relevant vendor to date
  • Vendor evaluations

You can output the buyer’s negotiation sheet in the following forms:

  • For a material - provides an overview of conditions and ordering transactions with regard to all vendors that have supplied the material and for whom purchasing info records exist
  • For a vendor - provides ordering data from all purchasing info records relating to the relevant vendor with regard to one or more materials


  1. Choose Master data
  2. ® Info record ® Buyer's neg. sheet ® For vendor or For material.
  3. Enter the selection criteria for the purchasing info records that are to be analyzed for the buyer's negotiation sheet (for example, vendor or material number).

Choose the desired scope of list. You can also enter certain output parameters, such as the printer destination or the number of copies to be printed.

If you select Output to screen and enter a printer destination, a print preview of the buyer's negotiation sheet is displayed on the screen.

  1. Choose Program
  2. ® Execute.
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