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Conditions in Outline Agreements using SAP MM


Conceptual information and a description of how to maintain conditions in outline purchase agreements can be found in Conditions and Price Determination.

Outline Agreement Price Versus Order Price

The net price in an outline agreement and the net price in a contract release order are two different prices.

The net price of an item listed in an outline agreement is based on the conditions stored in the agreement. If you change the conditions, the net price of the outline agreement is recalculated and the pricing date adjusted accordingly. On the other hand, the price in a contract release order may be calculated taking the following into account:

  • Quantity-dependent discount in a price/quantity scale
  • Discount or surcharge defined in the document header

Normally, the conditions in a contract release order correspond to those of the outline agreement. However, if a price/quantity scale exists, the price for the relevant quantity in the release order is taken from this scale.

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