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Creating an Outl. Agmt. by Copying or Referencing using SAP MM Outline Purchase Agreements With Vendors

You can save time and effort when creating or changing an outline agreement by copying an already existing one or adopting items from an existing requisition or RFQ.
When creating a scheduling agreement, you can reference a contract (see
Scheduling Agreement Referencing a Centrally Agreed Contract.)


Before creating an outline purchase agreement using the referencing technique, you must consider the following:

  • The vendor and purchasing organization of the reference document must be the same as those of the agreement you are creating.
  • If you are creating an outline agreement by referencing a purchase requisition, the requisition must have a document type for which the link to the relevant outline agreement has been defined.


In the following example, a contract is created by referencing an already existing RFQ.

  1. Choose Outline agreement
  2. ® Contract ® Create.

    The initial screen appears.

  3. Choose Outline agreement
  4. ® Create with reference ® To RFQ.
  5. In the dialog box which now appears, enter the number of the RFQ. If you wish to adopt certain items only, you can enter these.
  6. Press
  7. ENTER.

    The header data screen appears.

  8. Enter the validity period and the target value of the contract (mandatory for value contracts).
  9. Press
  10. ENTER.

    The item overview screen appears.

  11. Select items to be copied and then adopt them from the RFQ.
  12. – If you wish to change the selected items before adopting them, choose Edit ® Selections ® Edit ® Adopt + details. Change the individual items on the item detail screen.

    – If you wish to adopt the selected items without first changing them, choose Edit ® Selections ® Edit ® Adopt.

    The item overview of the contract being created appears (with the items adopted as described above).

  13. Enter additional items as required.
  14. Save the contract.


The contract is created in the R/3 System. In order that the information in the contract can be transmitted to the vendor, the system generates a message for the contract. How to transmit the message to the vendor is described under Outputting Messages.

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