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Generating Scheduling Agreement Releases: Process using SAP MM Outline Purchase Agreements With Vendors


This process takes place in the case of procurement using scheduling agreements.

Process Flow

  1. Materials Planning generates delivery schedule lines for scheduling agreement items. You can also create schedule lines manually.
  2. You create scheduling agreement (SA) releases (delivery schedules) comprising the schedule lines for a certain scheduling agreement item. These are snapshots of the overall delivery schedule stored in the system at given points in time. In creating such releases, the system proceeds as follows:
    1. If a creation profile exists, it aggregates the release (i.e. scheduled) dates and quantities.
    2. It generates an SA release (forecast or JIT delivery schedule) in accordance with the creation strategy and the entries on the initial screen for SA release creation.
    3. If a creation profile exists, it determines any backlogs and immediate requirements.
    4. If a creation profile exists, it checks any applicable tolerances in the case of SA releases created due to changes to the overall schedule in the system.
  3. The releases (delivery schedules) are transmitted as messages to the vendor.

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Creation Profile

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