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Changing, Cancelling, and Blocking SAP Purchase Orders


You can change, cancel, and block purchase orders.


Note the following points:

  • Has the PO already been sent to the vendor?

If you change a PO after it has been sent to the vendor, a change document (change notice) is generated and sent to the vendor. This tells the vendor what you have changed.

  • Has the vendor delivered - in full or in part - the materials covered by the PO item(s) you wish to change?

If the goods have already been delivered, then the changes you can make to the PO are limited. For example, you cannot change the quantity to one that is less than the quantity delivered.

  • Has the invoice already been received or have the goods already been paid for?

If the invoice has been received or the goods have been paid for, and your intended change affects the price, the change will be ineffective.

You can display the PO history for an item to determine whether deliveries have been received or the item has been invoiced.

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