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Materials Subject to Split Valuation SAP Purchase Orders


A material that is subject to split valuation is one that is valuated at different prices. Instead of having a single valuation type, it has several.

You have to order a material that your enterprise both manufactures itself and procures externally. The material that is produced in-house could be valuated at a different price than the same material which is procured from outside sources. It may even be valuated at three different prices if, in addition, it is procured from both foreign and domestic suppliers.

If the material is split-valuated, you can specify the valuation type in the PO. Which valuation type you can enter for a material is determined by the valuation category.


The valuation category is defined in the master record of a material. It determines whether the material is subject to split valuation. The specified material type must also be maintained in the material master record.


To specify the valuation type of a material for which valuation types have been defined in the material master record, proceed as follows:

  1. Branch to the purchase order item detail screen.
  2. Enter a predefined valuation type in the field Val. type.
  3. Save the purchase order.

For further information on this topic, please refer to the MM Material Valuation documentation.

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