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SAP Purchase Order Returns to Vendor and Store Returns


The reasons for returns to vendor and store returns include:

  • Goods remain at the end of a promotion
  • Goods remain at the end of a season
  • The vendor asks for the merchandise to be returned
  • Goods have to be returned/destroyed because they are spoiled, broken or of inferior quality
  • Articles are being discontinued
  • The merchandise involves empties or returnable transport packaging


You can mark articles to be returned when you are entering an item in a purchase order by selecting the R indicator (returns item) on the item overview screen of the purchase order.

Returns order items can be entered in a purchase order alongside other order items. This enables you to order goods from and return goods to a vendor in the same purchase order.

Returns to vendor can be managed completely on the procurement side: They leave the site at the receiving dock (i.e. when the vendor makes a delivery) and the relevant items are handled as negative values in Invoice Verification.


If you require shipping documents or freight lists for the return, you also have the option of using the shipping processing functionality.

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