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Monitoring RFQs and Request for Quotation

Displaying an RFQ/Quotation

  1. Choose RFQ/quotation
  2. ® RFQ
    or Quotation ® Display.
  3. Enter the RFQ number.
  4. Press
  5. ENTER.

The item overview screen appears.

Displaying Statistical Data on an Item

To display general information about the status of individual RFQ items, first select the item. Then choose Item ® Statistics ® General. The screen with the statistical details relating to the relevant items appears.

Analyses of RFQs

To analyze RFQs, choose RFQ/Quotation ® RFQ ® List displays.

You can analyze RFQs according to a variety of criteria.

  • General
    Listing of RFQs by range of material numbers or by purchasing group, for example.
  • Collective number
    Listing of all RFQs having the specified collective number.
  • RFQ number
    Listing of RFQs belonging to a certain RFQ number range specified by you.
  • Requirement tracking number
    Listing of all RFQs having the tracking number assigned to a set of purchase requisitions. Shows the requisitions for which RFQs have already been entered.
  • Vendor/material
    Listing of RFQs for a vendor, a material, or a material group.

For information on basic reporting and analysis functions in the R/3 System, refer to the documentation Getting Started with the R/3 System. For more detailed information specific to Purchasing, see the section Reporting in Purchasing

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