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Creating an SAP MM Request for Quotation RFQ by Copying or Referencing

You can save time when creating or changing an RFQ by copying an already existing one or adopting items from a purchase requisition or an outline purchase agreement.


In the following example, an RFQ is created by referencing a purchase requisition.

Prerequisite: The requisition you are referencing must have previously been released (approved).

1. Choose RFQ/quotation ® RFQ ® Create.

The initial screen appears.

2. Enter the deadline for submission of quotations, the purchasing organization, and the purchasing group.

3. Choose RFQ ® Create with reference ® To requisition.

4. In the dialog box which now appears, enter the numbers of the reference requisition and the reference item to be adopted. If you do not know the item numbers, simply enter the requisition number.

When you press ENTER , the desired item overview appears.

5. Select the items you wish to adopt.

6. Adopt the selected items from the requisition.

If you wish to change the selected items before adopting them, choose Edit ® Adopt + Details. Make your changes on the item detail screen for each item you have selected.

If you wish to adopt the selected items without changing them first, choose Edit ® Adopt.

The Item overview screen of the requisition being created appears, with the copied items. You can add items, or adopt further items from another purchase requisition via RFQ ® Create with reference ® To requisition.

7. Choose Header ® Vendor address.

Enter the vendor number. The system will then take the address data from the vendor master record.

If you enter the number of a one-time vendor, you must enter the complete address manually.

8. Save the RFQ. An RFQ is created for the vendor in question.

9. Perform steps 7 and 8 again for each additional vendor to whom the RFQ is to be sent.


The RFQ is created in the R/3 System. In order that the information in the RFQ can be transmitted to the vendor, the system generates a message for the RFQ. How to transmit the message to the vendor is described under Outputting Messages.

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