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Selecting SAP MM Vendors Who Are to Receive RFQs


Determining which vendors to send RFQs to is the first step in the bidding process. In many cases, this may be quite straightforward. However, for certain materials or services, finding the right vendors can be a challenging task.


The system can help you to choose which vendors are to receive an RFQ if some or all of the information set out below is available:

  • Info records

You can list the info records that exist for a material or a material group. In this way, you can identify the vendors from whom the required material or a similar one has already been ordered.

See also:

Purchasing Info Records

  • Source list

The source list identifies preferred sources of supply for certain materials. If the source list has been maintained, it will identify both the source of a material (in the SAP System, this can be a vendor, an outline agreement, or an internal plant) and the period of time in which you can order the material from the source.

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Source List

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