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Creating a SAP Purchase Order Manually (Vendor Known)


Use this procedure if you know which vendor is to receive the order.


Before creating a PO manually, you require the following information:

Delivery date
You can either enter the desired delivery date or leave the field empty. If the field is empty, the system determines the delivery date from the current date plus the planned delivery time for the material.

Account assignment
For each item to be posted to a consumption account, you need the account assignment category and the account assignment data (for example, the number of the cost center to be charged).

For more information on this topic, refer to the section Account Assignments.

Material number
If a material master record exists for the material, you need the number of the material to be ordered.

If no material master record is defined for the material, you need: a short description of the material, the account assignment, and the material group.

MPN material number
If you wish to order a material with a manufacturer part number (MPN), you need the MPN material number. For more on this topic, refer to
Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)).

You need the key of the plant for which the material or service is to be ordered.

Number assignment
If your company uses external number assignment, then you must have a PO number that falls within the permitted number range.

You can either enter the net price yourself or have the system calculate it (by entering pricing conditions).

The vendor must have a vendor master record. You enter the number of the vendor master record when you create a PO.

If the firm that will invoice you differs from the firm that will actually supply the goods, enter the vendor number of the former in the Invoicing party field. You will find this field in the PO header data. If you specify the invoicing party, the latter’s number is used instead of the supplying vendor’s number when the invoice is entered in your system.

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