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Creating a Delivery Schedule for an SAP MM RFQ Request for Quotation

If the desired quantity is to be delivered according to a prearranged schedule, you can enter each desired delivery date (and time if you wish) in schedule lines (e.g. 20 pcs. on 5 May 1998 at 10.00 hrs., 30 pcs. on 6 May at 10.00 hrs., etc.). You enter this data in the delivery schedule for the relevant PO item.

  1. Select the desired item in the item overview.
  2. Choose Item
  3. ® Delivery schedule.

The screen for entering schedule lines for the item appears.

  1. Enter the delivery date, the delivery time-spot, and the scheduled quantity for each delivery. You can specify the delivery date as a calendar day, week, or month.
The section Outline Agreements with Vendors contains detailed information on the subject of delivery schedules created under sc

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