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Archiving RFQs Request for Quotation

Your system administrator archives requests for quotation at certain time intervals. Archived documents are removed from the database.

You archive RFQs as follows:

RFQ/Quotation ® RFQ ® Archive.

You can display a list of archived RFQs as follows:

RFQ/Quotation ® RFQ ® Analyses ® Archived purchasing documents.

For detailed information on archiving purchasing documents, refer to the documentation CA Archiving Application Data (section on MM Materials Management).

This database-oriented archiving must be distinguished from document archiving in optical archiving systems by means of SAP ArchiveLink. If ArchiveLink is used and the appropriate settings are made in ArchiveLink Customizing and Message Customizing in Purchasing, RFQs that are outputted as messages can be optically archived. You can view optically archived RFQs from within the SAP document display via Environment ® Display originals.

For more detailed information, refer to the section Storing Outgoing Purchasing Documents (MM - PUR). in the documentation BC - SAP ArchiveLink - Application Scenarios.

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